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Melodies, thoughts, words, chords, MUSIC, is a part of what we breathe, a part of our existence. As a performer and writer, its just a matter of putting those pieces together making it into something that can be digested by the human mind. A channeling of energy, a way to enable people to meet on a different level than the everyday human life may portray. A way to touch and connect, to feel and be felt. A very lovely thing.... 

I hope you enjoy browsing through this website, and I hope to see you at a musical meeting somewhere sometime! 

Love & Light 

Available now! 

Available now! Enjoy....

Jazz on the indie side”


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Scandinavia Release of the new album "Whirlwind" in May, thanks to Losen Records! 
Preview here...
in many ways, Whirlwind is a complete portrait of a singer whose own shining hour has come...”