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Im happy your urge to sing allowed you to stumble across this page. 

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Why train with Rebecka?

I , Rebecka, hold a Masters Degree in Music, vocal emphasis, along with studies in voice and songwriting with various coaches in the LA, NYC , and Scandinavia (curious to learn more? see website bio) .

I am an active singer , and songwriter, with multiple albums under my belt.

I consider myself a voice technique nerd, and I can teach you the foundations of chest voice, head voice, belt, twang, you name it, you can have it. Yet I have been humbled by recent years of studies, and have found that in order to unleash the true, magical voice; the one that Rocks the Masses, there is an element of energetics, body knowledge, and knowledge of the Self to be explored (you can agree or disagree with this, and you will still benefit from sessions with me ;) , there is much to be achieved also with pure physical technique ).

Through the last years of studying meditation, yoga, the energetics of and in the body, trauma, the minds effect on the body, I have deepened my insights of how to work with and through voice. These are key findings in unlocking the “umph” in you and your voice, where vocal chords and placements actually come to life to create what IS that magic that is true VOICE.

Whether you are, or are looking to become, a professional singer, or simply want to be able to enjoy the notes that leak out of you while driving or taking a shower, I can help you achieve this.


"Rebecka singlehandedly changed my whole approach to singing! No matter if I'm warming up before a gig, or teaching my own students, I always use Rebecka's vocal exercises. She's such a kind and nurturing educator, and I'm so deeply grateful for the lessons we had. I highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor from the bottom of my heart." - Aureola (singer / artist , Denmark)

Book your session! 

I teach online, but should you find yourself in the place I am currently in, I would love to meet face to face. I take groups, or one-on-ones.

Email me at anna.rebecka@gmail.com to book YOUR time. 

Please include specific goals you have for the session. 

I look forward to unlocking, discovering, growing , and sharing in your journey!