The Story

Born and raised in the forrest of Sweden, music was a big part of Rebeckas life from the very start. Playing violin, piano, and singing from the age of 4, Rebecka chose to make Music her full time life in 2002 by taking on a Masters Degree in Music from Örebro and Malmö University of Music.

Upon graduating in 2008, Rebecka moved to the US (Los Angeles, then New York) to pursue her passion for songwriting and performing. She has since been writing, performing, singing, and working as a voice and piano instructor.

Diving into both the straight ahead jazz world, interpreting standards along with composing her own songs, Rebecka has found her home in the mix of improvisation, melodies, rhythms, and captivating lyrics. 

Rebecka has had the privilege to work with amazing musicians both in Scandinavia and the US, some of them noted here:

Charles Altura, Göran Abelli, Tony Austin, Carl Bagge, Mahesh Balasooryia, Kristian Brink, Gerald Clayton, Brandon Coleman, Chris Coleman, Emmet Cohen, Olle Dernevik, Stacy Dillard, Lars Ekman, Hadrien Feraud, Wycliffe Gordon, Zach Harmon, Ari Hoenig, Corcoran Holt, McClenty Hunter, Jerome Jennings, Henrik Linder, Johan Liedberg, Erik Lindeborg, Jonathan Lundberg, Kristian Kraftling, Shai Maestro, JP Maramba, Zane Musa, Nick Mancini, Chris Montgomery, Johannes Nästesjö, Vardan Ovsepian, Aaron Parks, Joe Sanders, Ruslan Sirota, Daniel Tilling, Max Thornberg, Dayna Stephens, Ben Street, and Kamasi Washington.

Some notes from the press on Rebecka´s music:

"Still, Larsdotter also knows how to swing, and in many ways, Whirlwind is a complete portrait of a singer whose own shining hour has come." - AllAboutJazz
( )


"Rebecka Larsdotter really does have a nice voice and has surrounded herself with a set of supreme musicians that know when to let loose and when to take a back seat. Overall, Whirlwind is an excellent contemporary jazz record and one I highly recommend. " - Sea of Tranquility ( )

"Jazz on the indie side" - JazzWeekly ( ) 

"This breathtaking debut release showcases Larsdotter's innate gift to move from singer to vocalist to storyteller all while transcending genre for an eclectic offering that displays a magnificent grasp of the connectivity with an audience required to move her to the front of the pack when it comes to emerging young talent." - Critical Jazz ( 


"REBECKA LARSDOTTER/Feathers & Concrete: Multi instrumentalist from the wilds of Sweden shows us there's more than death metal up there as she fuses singer/songwriter with jazz vocal for an intimate experience that you can relate to even if you haven't had a load of worldly experiences at a young age like she has. As much a later Joni Mitchell as a Bjork, you can easily hear this in college dorms that once echoed with Rickie Lee Jones. Very much the kind of rising talent you want to keep an eye and ear on."  

Midwest Records 2011


"Rebecka´s promising debut album is a blend of relaxed soul-pop and fusionrythms, spiced by jazzsolos" (Hallandsposten)


"When you, besides being an excellent musician and singer also manage to deliver delicate and thought-through lyrics to tunes that are modern but with clear references back in time, the likelihood of making a real good record is big. This, Rebecka Larsdotter has managed to do and her debut album Feathers & Concrete is not bad at all. What takes the album above the average is that Rebecka and her musicians dare to take risks, but in good dosage. There are rare and expressive improvised sections who then fall into safe and easy-listening popjazzy songs where lyrically narrative texts give an extra dimension." /Maria Lagergreen, Lira